Marvin Greenberg’s Bio: Author, Consultant

Marvin Greenberg’s Bio, Author, Consultant
Born, raised and educated in Toronto, Marvin attended Ryerson Hotel and Restaurant College and graduated in 1958. His first position was at Maple Downs Golf and Country Club as Restaurants Manager and within a year became General Manager.

Marvin moved onto Seaway Hotels and became Assistant Manager & Director of Food Service at the La Salle Hotel in Kingston, Ontario. The challenge was to bring food costs down from 60 percent to a profitable number. It took a year and a half to attain 35 percent.

Marvin moved to Calgary and worked with Barney’s Fine Foods and managed their coffee shops and dining rooms in the Stampeder and Wales Hotels for 5 years. Barney was the original franchisee of KFC in Canada, Barney’s was a very progressive operation with a strong belief in marketing and the importance of people; necessary to grow and maintain a business.
At that time, Marvin became involved with track and field and was the assistant coach of the Calgary Track & Field Club. Marvin also became an active member of the Canadian Restaurant Association and served on its board for 5 years.

Marvin returned to Seaway Hotels in Toronto, the consulting arm of Consolidated Hotel Management, and was sent on assignments in northern Ontario and Winnipeg where Labatt Brewing Company sold a hotel chain to Great West Life. Marvin was stationed at the Mall Hotel and managed the food services operations there and at the Airport Hotel. After that he was sent back to Toronto and opened a Hotel in Brampton, the Thunderbird Hotel.

On a consulting assignment to City Parking, Marvin became the Division Manager of Hospitality Properties in Toronto, Ottawa and London. There were an assorted number of concepts: restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and quick service outlets. This included the Royal Connaught Hotel in Hamilton, Park Lane Hotels in London & Ottawa, the City Deli in Toronto, Lord Stanley’s in Toronto and the Piccadilly Tube nightclub. Eventually Marvin was offered a partnership in a principal downtown restaurant, “Lord Stanley’s” which required a major makeover. He recreated Lord Stanley’s and it became a highly profitable and successful restaurant.

Marvin then formed his own consulting company, The Hospitality Network Inc. He managed many concept change and mismanagement projects. These included independent restaurants/ bars, hotel foodservice operations, hospital food operations and chains and school cafeterias.

During a crisis time for the Ontario Restaurant Hotel Motel Association Marvin became its President. Marvin is an active Honourary Board Member of both the Toronto and Ontario Associations and serves as its representative to the Canadian Hearing Association.